If you’re thinking of applying to study medicine at University then you will need to undertake a clinical work experience placement. This will be a period usually in year 12 where you will spend time in a clinical setting observing the delivery of healthcare and understanding the needs of patients.


Our specially produced Clinical Work Experience Journal is written by our expert team of clinicians who have undertaken work experience and successfully applied for A100 or A101 medicine.


The key to a successful application and interview is make your placement meaningful, to understand what underpins the delivery of healthcare, to link your scientific knowledge into practice and to begin to understand medical ethics.


Your clinical placement is personal to you, you must organise it and engage with the patients and professionals. We recommend a care home or clinical setting where you can see healthcare professionals engaging with patients.

Our Clinical Work Experience Journal is suitable for all types of clinical placement and is designed to maximise your time in the clinical setting. Work through the journal on the placement to focus on specific areas of clinical application that will complement your UCAS application and give you solid foundation for discussion at interview.


“My experiences on placement were a crucial part of my application to university, the Clinical Work Experience Journal really enhanced my work experience, it shaped my placement and left me able to confidently talk about my experiences at interview. Consequently I was offered a place at The University of Birmingham” W Hull -Medical Student

Clinical Work Experience Journal