Like most businesses, we’ve had to adapt to the post-Covid world. In order to be efficient and keep ticket prices down we are now a 100% online business. Our entire box office system is automated and answers to common questions can be found below. We no longer operate an over the phone or email contact system but to assist guests have outlined common questions people have about our events below:


Get answers to frequently asked questions here…

Still not sure? Arrive at the event a couple of minutes before registration opens and one of our friendly event crew will be happy assist.

Who can attend MED-SOC?

MED-SOC is built for students aged 14+, any person of any age providing they are older than 14 can attend, the content straddles GCSE, A Level & T Levels and is ideal for any student following one of these courses, an access course or simply to refresh their understanding. Children not aged 14 will not be admitted to the event.


How are children under 18 safeguarded?

All of our team have enhanced DBS checks and we operate a safeguarding policy in line with the sectors requirements. The Designated Safeguarding Officer on site will be named in documentation at the event check in along with how to report any issues around safeguarding.


What is included in my ticket?

Ticket prices include everything you need to take part in the event including scrub top hire, PPE, masks, hats, gloves, printed workbook packs, specimens and clinical consumables.


Do I need to bring anything?

The only thing you need to bring is a pen, you will be required to complete a medical declaration form upon check in, please ensure you have any medications you may need to take with you on the day. You should also bring a bottle of drinking water and any snacks you may need.


What time do I need to attend?

Registration begins at 09:00, we advise arrival from 0915. If you are under 18 you must be dropped off by a parent or guardian as you will need to complete medical declaration form which must be signed by your parent or guardian at the sign-in desk. The event finishes at either 1430 or 1630 depending on which ticket you attend on. Parents/guardians should wait outside and you should not leave the site until your parent/guardian arrives. ​We reserve the right to verify age by asking for proof of valid ID. If you are unable to provide valid ID and are not accompanied by an adult then you may not be admitted to the event.

Is the anatomy human?

All of the anatomy used is of porcine origin. Porcine anatomy is similar to human anatomy for comparative studies and training.


What happens when I arrive?

You will be asked to complete the medical consent form before given the equipment required to take part, you will then be admitted to the event space where you will be seated. The event will begin at 1000.


What do I get to takeaway with me?

For taking part you will be given a MED-SOC certificate and workbook pack to fill in and take away. Module 10 is an online module, you will be given an access pass to where will be able to log in and take part in the module at any time after the event.

Do I need to bring my ticket?

Yes - Ensure you bring either a printed or e-ticket for scanning.

What should I wear? 

We recommend loose clothes, you must be bare below the elbows to do the dissections so please remove any watches, rings or bracelets. You may get tissues or fluids on your clothes (these are harmless) however don't wear your best trainers! If you have an item below the wrist you can’t remove for medical/religious/sentimental reasons then you can still take part in the event but you will have to observe the dissections, this is for health and safety reasons. Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back.


Is the event COVID secure?

With the relax in social distancing the event will take place as events operated pre-COVID. Our clinical team are fully vaccinated. You will not be required to wear a mask and will be encouraged to work collaboratively with others. We will provide clinical masks for the dissection of the GI tract for health and safety purposes. We will also provide a scrub top and surgical hat to protect your clothes. 


Are there any breaks?

There will be a series of short breaks for the toilet and to wash hands.


Can I bring a smart phone? 

Yes, you can bring a phone or camera and pictures are permitted. Follow us on Instagram @medsocevents and TAG us in!


What will I be dissecting?

All specimens are of porcine origin, we use pig specimens as they are sourced ethically while are also environmentally friendly. They are readily available and very similar to humans for comparative anatomy.

What if I don't like the event once I'm there?

If you don't like the event, speak with one of our friendly team and we can make arrangements for you to take a break, or if you wish, leave the event.

What will I take away with me?

A new insight into anatomy, a hands-on dissection experience, a workbook packed with learning plus a certificate for your portfolio. An unforgettable experience.