So our patient is prepped for theatre. Our second clinic is structured around the role of the anaesthetist. You will learn the roles of the central and peripheral nervous system as well as how neurotransmitters GABA & Glutamate at the synapse to transmit action potentials across neurons. 

As anaesthetists we have to be familiar with the homeostatic mechanisms that keep us alive, how to measure them and intervene when something is not quite right. Once we've cracked the role of the anaesthetist, you will make up your very own anaesthetic using Propofol. With the lab equipment provided, you will make up a solution of Propofol before calculating the dosage for your patient based on their mass.

Propofol is used to induce a patient. When ready,  you will administer the anaesthetic and transfer them to theatre. Transfers in theatre always follow a process call SBART.


Situation -who's our patient, where are we?

Background -what has happened to our patient before they arrived, why are they here?

Assessment -what is wrong with the patient

Recommendation -what do we recommend should happen to this patient, what do we need to do?

Transfer  -how are we getting them to their destination?


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